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[PHOTOS] Big Bang new Lotte Duty Free Shop Photos

[NEWS] Choi Seung Hyun (TOP), could receive the best newcomer award?

Singer and actor Choi Seung Hyun (Big Bang’s TOP) is a strong candidate for the nomination in the “newcomer” category for the 2010 movie awards that will slowly begin again this year.

Choi Seung Hyun debuted in the big screen though the war movie, “Into the Fire” released this past June which received an audience of more that 3.3million views, in which he transformed into Oh Jang Bum who beared the scars of the war.

The first half of the theater year has been exposed with the presence of amateur actors from which Choi Seung Hyun has played the biggest portion, therefore cinema officials are evaluating this.

Although born as a singer, he learned how to transform from that into a sincere actor who successfully emerged from the water despite being surrounded by veteran actors, that only served as help for him. If Choi Seung Hyun is awarded at film festival acting awards ceremony, he would be the first idol group member to ever be awarded.

The 2010 Film Festival Awards press conference will be held next 7th of September and on the 18th the 18th Icheon Chunsa International Film Festival will be held

Source: 오센
Translated: Jae In @ ibigbang

[TRANSLATIONS] Seungri’s “WITH” Magazine Life & Dating Interview!

1)Q: What would you become if you are in love?
A: I would be cool to her. (laugh) It is because if I treat her like this, she would feel nervous and treat out relationship very serious from time to time, wouldn’t she? Then, my girlfriend might ask, ‘you don’t like me anymore?’ Then, I would answer her serious, ‘I love you in fact.’ (laughs)

2) Q: What is your ideal distance between you and your sweetheart?
A: It is enough if we talk on the phone once both in the morning and at night. In the day time, we would support each other in our hearts. Whenever I think that ‘my girlfriend is supporting me’, I would work very hard. Then, I would be very confident to tell her ‘I have worked hard today’ on the phone. That would be really great!

3) Q: How do you think about marriage now?
A: Early marriage is not my cup of tea. I think those men who have experienced a lot in life can treat women more gently and can more able to make them happy. They must know how to give women what they want as well. After I have accumulated different kinds of experience, I think I would want to get married too. He believes he can achieve what he wants anytime Learn Japanese through watching Japanese dramas

‘I think having confidence is my weapon. No matter what it is, it is natural for us being not able to do it at the very beginning and do not think that you are doomed to be not able to do it from now until forever. You just have to keep your faith and say to yourself, ‘it’s okay, I can do it some days.

 The kind of confidence VI refers to is not arrogance but the faith that he has about believing himself is capable of achieving his aims.
‘ In order to possess confidence, I think it is a must for me to work accordingly hard. I inherited this mindset from my father. From the very beginning, my father has never showed that he does not believe me in accomplishing my targets once. What he says is always, ‘It’s okay. I am always by your side. To repay my support, please work really hard.’ He always encouraged me to achieve my dreams like this.

After he had clarified what his dream is, he stepped into this world under the support of his father. However, he was only 16 when he debuted, no wonder he had to struggle against his own emotions at that time.
‘When I had just debuted, I felt so exhausted because of so many things but no matter how tired I was, I must show my smile in front of the cameras. I knew very clearly that I do have emotions too but why I must lie in front of the public? I had always struggle about that. The president saw that and he taught me, ’ ‘the people who cannot control his own emotions cannot touch others’ heart either,’ I was moved by this sentence and started to change my mindset. Whenever I think of my job can even touch others’ hearts, I have no reasons not to work really hard,’

After his professionalism blossomed, he has been facing his challenges with confidence. Basically, now, he can use Japanese to communicate with Japanese without a translator.
‘For those who have passion in music in Asia, it is always their dream to be debuted in Japan. Then, over all kinds of obstacles, we are now debut in Japan,I then want to speak very fluent Japanese to undergo q and a session, hoping that everyone can feel happy from this. I like to watch Japanese dramas from the very beginning,then now I learn how to speak Japanese more naturally by imitating the accent of the Japanese in the dramas.’

His attitude of challenging everything will be another weapon of VI.
‘I want to enjoy my life and challenge everything I face. Of course, I will encounter many failures but I still think that it is another kind of enjoyment. This is the same when I have to face my work. I always want to challenge myself to sing different styles of songs and dances. Even if I fail, I will repeat again and again. In act, we will only know what we can achieve by actually doing that and I think it is really important.’

Q: What do you do to achieve your dream future?
A: In order to let others feel my charisma and personality, good Japanese is a must. I must acquire very good ability of using Japanese. Of course, it is very important for others to listen to our music. For me, I think through Japanese, we can convey my own character to others. Moreover, I also think that the Japanese really love making jokes; therefore, I want my audience to laugh happily and enjoy music when we are having our live show. And I have to make it clear that I will work very hard so that I will not lose to my elder brothers although I am the maknae (youngest brother) !

Translated: Rice @ bigbangworld

[PHOTOS] T.O.P “Elle” Photoshoot Behind-the-scenes Photos!

Woah lady! take your hands off those pants! XDD This is during the shooting of TOP’s ELLE pictorial. On these non edited photos I can see she does look more her age but it seems like TOP is only getting younger. lol these photos have a teacher-student theme for me =P

[NEWS] Taeyang doesn’t know what TOP is up to lately?

“Does Taeyang not care about TOP?” Taeyang was on KJE’s “Chocolate” on SBS August 29th. He talked about what the members are up to lately.

Taeyang said, “Daesung is busy with a drama, Seungri is casted on a variety show.”  To Big Bang’s leader, G-Dragon, also his best friend, he said, “My brother, happy birthday.” The show was filmed on August 18, which was also G-dragon’s  23rd birthday.

Taeyang then said, “TOP hyung recently finished a movie. Don’t know what he’s been up to though.” which caused a lot of laughter.

Taeyang said, “Maybe next time [we] will come out like a bunch of bees.”  Everyone is looking forward to Big Bang’s activities. Big Bang will come out with a 3rd album in October.
Also, Taeyang performed WHERE U AT, I NEED A GIRL, I’LL BE THERE. His perfect performances showed off his skills.

Source: baidu
Translation: Maggie @ ibigbang

[TRANSLATIONS] T.O.P “WITH” Magazine Life & Dating Interview!

TOP was born on 4th of November, 1987, his blood type is B and he is responsible for rapping in the team. He has a very deep voice and good at lyrics writing and beat box. He started his acting career in 2007 in Iris which was also broadcasted in Japan. ‘Into the Fire’, the film that he participated in was expected to be shown in Japan as well. He is in fact very passionate which is just an opposite of his cool look. He also has a mischievous side.

Dating Q and A1:
Q: If you are in love, what type of man will you become?
A: In the past, I would become a man that devote all my time to her but I have changed a bit. I am not good at confessing love directly so I would convey my love to her subtlety.

Dating Q and A 2: Q: What is the ideal distance for you and your sweetheart?
A: It depends on who I am dating. Em… I will only reply the same amount of love that she gives me! Joking(laugh), both of us are independent and we do leave a certain amount of distance between us, this is my ideal type of relationship.

Dating Q and A3: Q: What do you think about marriage now?
A: It is not too late if I get married at 40. For the time being,I have just too much work. Under such kind of situation, if I start an affair with a girl, I would just cannot pay my attention to her at all. I cannot tolerate myself to be such kind of person.

“He wants to keep his soul pure and beautiful for music and acting. The most important tactics is conveying his thoughts with eye contact….” TOP has been living in his own world. Since he wanted to express his ‘own world’ to others, he started writing poems since 11.
‘ When I look back, I am still wondering whether I am one of the rebellious children (Laugh). Maybe my rebellion at that time was echoing with the Black music. Through my childhood poems,I want to transmit my inner world to others.’

TOP has been eager to share his thoughts and affection with others until now. ‘ This is the same case in music and acting, what you need is not only sending your messages since if others cannot receive them ,it is meaningless. I think the definition of arts is transmitting the feelings and experience that you mutually owe so you can echo with each other. To this sense, ‘eye contact’ is a very important tactics to me. When I am in front of a camera or on a stage, I always want to convey my messages to the audience with my eyes.

TOP’s delicate and sentimental character was inherited from his grandfather. ‘Since I have the genes of my grandpa,I love languages the most. That’s why I was thinking if I really have to be a rapper. The words that grandpa said to me before he had passed away are still very precious and I keep them deep in my heart.

He told me to purify myself through meditation. This is a Korean idiom which means looking at your own self, purify and beautify your soul. When I am taking a rest, I will really beautify my soul and brain. At those times, I do not go out but stay at home so as to create some time for myself to think about issues or relax. I will try my best not to think about bad stuff and keep myself away from things that will exert bad influence on me… For making music and acting, ‘purity’ is vital. For the view of expressing myself without being affected, I think it is a must for me to work hard on that. I have forgotten when I have started the hobby of collecting figurines and bear brick.(Laugh). I think I am picking up the innocent side of me when I am collecting them.

There is another reason that he does not like to go out when he is free.
‘I don’t want to waste my energy. I want to save my energy for my work. To me, energy is not used for my own purpose but for all of you.’

What does he do to reach his dream future?
‘For the sake of my future, the most important thing is ‘do not lose my endless passion’. To be frank, I am not that type of person who set up targets for themselves. Why? I think if I have set a target then I achieve it. then I will be lazy for the feeling of complacent is all over me. On the contrary, if I do not set a target but I still do my work very passionately, this is the biggest target of my whole life.
Translated: Rice @ bigbangworld

[NEWS] Best idols at “singing – dancing – solo success potential” G-Dragon and Taeyang!

21 music experts participated in a survey in which they picked the best top idols in 3 different categories, vocal, dance, solos.

Big Bang’s shining “Taeyang” -Dancing No. 1 – Solo potential No. 1 – Singing/vocal No. 2->
Big Bang’s dancer Taeyang topped in the 3 categories of vocal, solo and dance. Taeyang made a full album (EP) containing rhythem-and-blues (R&B) as well as hip-hop and has been working as a soloist since.

Han Dong Yoon, a pop music critic, saidTaeyang’s live singing and dancing on the stage can be performed at the same time very neatly, he is always ambitious to change and develop.” Kang Illkwon, a rhythmer editor, saidTaeyang’s unique black music groove is one of the most well-represented in Korea.”
Big Bang’s “G-Dragon” -Solo success potential No. 2-

Big Bang’s rapper G-Dragon came in at number 2 in the category of “the most potential to go solo and succeed” along with 2AM’s Jo Kwon. They got 5 recommendations from the 21 experts.

Im Jin Mo, a pop music critic saidAlthough G-Dragon’s written/composed music have been affected by blatant plagiarism controversies and sex scandals, his presence and uniqueness can make him grow from an idol into an artist.’

1) Lee Haeri (Davichi) – 19 points 2) Taeyang – 18 points 3) Lee Changmin (2AM), Taeyeon (SNSD) – 15 points

1) Taeyang – 23 points 2) Gahee (After School) – 21 points 3) Hyuna (4minute) – 19 points

Solo potential
1) Taeyang – 6 recommendations 2) Jo Kwon (2AM), G-Dragon – 5 recommendations 3) Lee Hongki, Jonghyun, Taeyeon – 2 recommendations

Source: 동아
Translated: Jae In @ ibigbang

[NEWS] Seungri picked as the #2 favorite “avatar to control”!

Kim Hyun Joong was chosen as the #1 avatar people would pick for MBC’s popular show ‘Hot Brothers’.

An ‘avatar’ refers to the people on the show “Hot Brothers” that are controlled by their ‘masters’ who order their avatars to go on blind-dates for them and then direct them on what to do during the date.
Music site, Monkey 3, conducted a poll for a week, from August 12th to August 18th asking, “Who do you want your avatar to be in case of a date?” and Kim Hyun Joong came in first place with a total of 395 votes from 836.

Big Bang’s Seungri came in at #2 with 136 votes (16%), and actor So Ji Sub placed at third with 13% of the votes. Netizens’ comments were, “I’d rather date then control the avatar“, “I don’t think he would listen to the commands“, etc.

Source: 뉴스
Translated: Jae In @ ibigbang

[NEWS] Seungri, “My strongest point is “Sexy!”

During last Sunday’s broadcast of MBC’s “Enjoy Today“, Big Bang member, Seungri went on his first ever ‘blind date’.

Thanks to his partners on the show, comedian Jung Hyun Don and actor Seo Ji Suk, they were able to find him a date. Seungri stated, “I sing a lot of songs about love but to improve this I feel like I need to experience love.”

He went on to reveal what kind of girl he wanted and the activities he’d like to do. “I want a girl that is hyper and cute, always full of energy!” He added, “I’d like to walk in the streets holding hands and just tellI love you! to her.

Jung Hyun Don then added, “and then how about a kiss?” to which innocent Seungri replied shyly, “k..iss? a kiss?“. During this episode Seungri confidently revealed that one of his strongest points and most appealing is being “sexy” but despite being full of confidence, Seungri’s first blind-date didn’t go well.

Source: 뉴스엔
Translated: Jae In @ ibigbang


2010 TAEYANG CONCERT [SOLAR] COMING SOON ^-^” was the message Taeyang left on his twitter along with this photo of him rehearsing for his SOLAR concert coming up this September 25/26th! ^^

[VIDEO] T.O.P at Lotte Duty Free Shop Opening!

[PHOTOS] Big Bang new FILA Winter Photoshoot Photos!

The boys look like candy!! hehe…they always look so cute in bright rainbow colors!! but they shine more than the colors themselves though, GD with the beautiful smile, Seungri with his cute smirk, TOP and his charismatic eyes, Taeyang with his raised eyebrow and kissy lips and of course the smiling angel Daesung
Their expressions shine more than those bright jackets even when they’re just wearing black! (: I wanna take them all home with me!

I want green, lime candy! What candy do you want? ;)

[PHOTOS] G-Dragon and TOP photos filming for Korea’s National Tourism Videos!

Remember how Big Bang were picked as one of the faces to represent South Korea for their tourism promotional videos?

“The “Korea National Tourism” Organization will create promotional videos to promote South Korea worldwide as an attractive destination through video promotions with the people mentioned above chosen as their main characters.”

It seems like the shoot is at a mountain? It’s really foggy there but any CF with TOP and Daesung riding an atv will surely be fun!^^ I am not loving that shirt GD is wearing at all…but I’m sure he’ll make it work..somehow..

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[NEWS] IU to attend as a guest performer for Taeyang’s SOLAR Concert!

IU, being one of Taeyang’s major fangirls, is definitely not unfamiliar news. She has even acted out the role of Taeyang’s lucky back-dancer on a past episode of SBS Heroes, where she got the opportunity to peck his right cheek!

Well, IU is about to get even more lucky. She will be performing as a special guest for her ideal man’s concerts, which will unfold on the 25th and 26th at KyungHee University’s Hall Of Peace.

Actress Yoo In Na, who is signed under YG Entertainment, first heard news floating around about YGE being on a lookout for guest performers for Taeyang’s upcoming concerts. Yoo In Na then passed the news onto IU, who agreed without hesitation.

Source: Sammi@ibigbang

[ VIDEO ] Seungri goes on a blindate and fails!

Big Bang member SeungRi went on a blind date on the show MBC Sunday Night – Enjoy Today.

SeungRi confessed that he wanted to have a girlfriend since he was old enough. The MCs took SeungRi and took him to a place where there were lots of girls. 

SeungRi confessed that a cute girl was his ideal type of girl, one of the MCs brought a girl to blind date SeungRi.

The girl was not a Korean, in fact she was Singaporean and the two could not communicate fluently.

The blind date girl said that her sister was a big fan of Big Bang and brought her little sister along. Her little sister immediately said that she liked G-Dragon better and embarrassed SeungRi. She also confessed that she was a huge fan of 2NE1 leader CL embarrassing SeungRi twice in a row.

SeungRi gave up the blind date and allowed the fan to talk over the phone with G-Dragon. G-Dragon did not pick up the call and CL did not pick up SeungRi’s call either, putting SeungRi in an awkward situation for the 3rd time.

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[VIDEO] Taeyang Performs ‘I’ll Be There’ At Inkigayo

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[VIDEO] Bigbang Performs ‘Beautiful Hangover’ On NHK’s Music Japan

[VIDEO] Taeyang getting harassed by Se7en on Music Core!

[PHOTOS] Big Bang signing at MusicStation

source: baidu

[VIDEO] Teen Top covers Big Bang’s Sunset Glow

I don't really like to hear  Teen top sing sunset glow song.
I'd better hear big bang sing it~
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[TRANSLATIONS] G-Dragon’s “WITH” Magazine Dating & Life Interview

BIGBANG Special!
We want to know who Big Bang is in Seoul Korea, special coverage! Right now in Japan group Big Bang is soaring in popularity! In Korea, the group still attracts attention for being active as a group and as solo artists. This issue of “with” from Seoul, Korea will find out their undisguised appearance. We hit their dance studio, home, etc. This is the very first time local media in Japan does this kind of coverage in order to access their still unknown hearts!

South Korea’s music top representative group
BIGBANG debuted in August 2006 and had a major impact on the country called, South Korea. With their high and bass rap. Distinctive singing, music, dancing, they were equipped with such high quality that no one could believe it came from these young kids. The first time people’s eyes were on them was through the unprecedented, survival mode, documentary broadcasted. It was not only on TV, but as well as on the internet. The people who watched the sometimes happy, other times crying, and giving up appearances of these young boys, suddenly became their prisoner. They released 3 singles over the spam of only half a year and immediately dominated the charts. The 5 of them are a group that have literally swept the entire nation.

But they didn’t reach the top spot easily.
G-DRAGON, SOL spent their life as trainees for as long as 6 years. VI had to audition more than once as he failed the first time made it in the end after experiencing the life of a trainee for a year and a half. He experienced bone-cut lessons and the severity of being a professional he felt it with his own skin. They impressed people with their skills, their personality and the bonds between the members that people called empathic. In addition, their unique fashion and multi-talents received support from the people. Since they had their major debut in Japan in 2009, they have been receiving more and more momentum. On this issue of “With”, we are going to Seoul to look for them, just like they are. At YG Entertainment we are covering all areas, the dance studio, gym, recording studio etc. A talk with their hearts will be conveyed comfortably since they are at home!.

“I have heard from other people who even when I’m compared to people my own age, I’m more deep and thoughtful. Plus I think I’m a little more on the adult/mature side. From early in my life, I would listen to music, watch movies…and I would get more deeply excited than my classmates, when I found artistic things that were touching to me I even cried. Now if I had to pick what influenced my emotional/sensitive side, it would be Wu Tang’s music that I heard in 4th grader. Since then I had the dream of wanting to rap and I began to write songs’ lyrics.”

Since his start of school he started to make music, produce and his fashion sense….Behind all of his unusual talent the, “I want freedom”, idea has had a great influence.

“The thought of wanting to be free has always been very strong since the past. I think it appears in my music and fashion. As a result of this I’m thankful to the people around me that accept this and that favorably say that’s just part of my personality. I want freedom but at the same time I don’t like doing anything ambiguous. I’m the type that is always certain/determined in everything I do. Basically, freedom isn’t all I want. Rather than that, I want to think that all the choices I make for my distant future have been made by me. “

Wishing to be free but disliking being ambiguous. That sounds like the kind of nature of a leader who presides over his unique members. Also, the trainee time took 6 years, that made him more committed and professional.

“I think that without my trainee period I wouldn’t be where I am now. It’s true that time was painful but at the same time it was a good time. I got through it all because it was what I wanted. Just thinking about music and dance, made me put all my passion on it. Even now I still love music but, other than music there are other things I have to think about. Sometimes I think that I want to go back, it would be nice. To just simply chase what I enjoyed doing. (laughs)”

It’s possible for him to say such things because G-DRAGON isn’t going to escape, because he is on the next stage.

“I’m still only 22 years old. At my age, I need to experience different things from now on. To build myself, I want to take it slowly. Then one day, I wonder if I can become a nice/cool man. (laughs)”

Dating Q&A #1: What kind of person do you become when you are dating?
In the past I didn’t think much of it, just of the person I like, but right now realistically, I think it’s impossible to be together with her or to do something for her. So if I think that way, I think it’s because I’m passive to love.

Dating Q&A #2 What do you think about the thought of distance from the person you like?
Right now I don’t know how to put in words the distance I’m thinking about in my mind….but I think a bit of a distance feeling is needed [for a relationship]. I have to look after my personal privacy but anywhere you go finding privacy isn’t easy.

Dating Q&A #3 Do you find yourself thinking of marriage?
Of course I don’t think of it right now, but I don’t want to think that it will be in the very distant future. However, when I’m married I want to have a good time always, just like the times of when we dated. Even with a baby I would like to make anywhere in the world we go a possible environment to live in.

Drawing for the future, what do you think you need for now?
To not forget the original intentions, take time to create ourselves. What we need the most now is rest, time, novice, and a hungry mind. In Korea groups start going independent or form a group with other members after 4 to 5 years. For Big Bang the timing is close, but us 5 should still pursue for more without forgetting our original intentions and taking time to create our own selves.

Source: DCDG
Translated: Jae In @ ibigbang.wordpress.com

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[PHOTOS] G-Dragon at the aiport returning to Korea!

Cool jacket n the bag LOL...

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[VIDEO] Taeyang’s “I’ll Be There” Stage on Music Core!

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[NEWS] G-Dragon selected 3# as Korea’s Best Fashionista

Translation of the comment:
FILA, BSX, CHANEL headband, Louis Vuitton sunglasses and multi-high top sneakers, MCM phenomenal rider jacket.
Fearless to change and truly adventurer.
The idol who celebrated the Fashion Syndrome at its best after Seo Taiji and HOT.
The fashion icon with the point of selecting the excellent ‘IT ITEM’

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[PHOTO] TOP and Se7en backstage photo

This was taking backstage on Music Core on the 31 July when they performed “Digital Bounce

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[VIDEOS] Big Bang on Asahi TV’s Music Station

[ VIDEO ]Beautiful Hangover Performance on Asahi TV's Music Station

[PHOTO] Bigbang On Japan Vogue Magazine


[VIDEO] G-Dragon’s interview for “The Creators Project”

[VIDEO] Se7en picks Taeyang as the best male dancer

[VIDEO] Big Bang Mezamashi TV Interview

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[NEWS] Big Bang and Seo Taiji the #1 combination that would be daebak!

Singer Seo TaiJi and idol group Big Bang have been chosen as the #1 combination which will be daebak (amazing/a hit) if they are to join together to form a group.

A poll was done on music site Monkey 3 from 19th till 26th August on ‘Which combination will be daebak if they are to form a project group’ and Seo TaiJi-Big Bang combiation was voted #1 on the poll with 42% of the votes from netizens.

Seo TaiJi-Big Bang (42%)
Shin MinAh-Sam D (42%)
2NE1 Sandara Park – Yoo SaeYoon (10%)
Park Myung Soo – Shin SaeKyung (6%)

[VIDEO] Taeyang’s “I Need A Girl” Music Video Making!

[VIDEO] Big Bang’s Video Message at “Haru” Press Conference

They were going over the drama they will be participating in called, “Haru, A one day story” and the dates, etc. The press conference was streamed online on August 26th.

[NEWS] Taeyang’s Solar concert to be streamed LIVE on YouTube!

As a child who used to hide from his parents to dance to cassettes of Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder, Dong Young-bae says he was too shy to tell anyone he wanted to become a famous dancer and singer. Not anymore. Today, the 22-year-old South Korean singer and dancer known Taeyang is facing the spotlight as an international pop star. Thanks in no small part to a long-standing trend in Asia that renders all things Korean cool, Taeyang is going global, riding the so-called Korean Wave all the way out west.

Better known in South Korea as the voice of the Korean boy band Big Bang, Taeyang’s first solo album, “Solar,” released online internationally last month, hit No. 2 on iTunes R&B sales charts in the U.S. and No. 1 in Canada — a first for an Asian artist. “In the beginning, it was hard to believe I had fans buying my album so far away,” says Taeyang, which means “sun” in Korean. He says he didn’t do any promotion in North America for the album, which was recorded in Korean and targeted fans in South Korea and Japan. “The world is smaller now.”

For many artists in Korea’s booming music industry, social media like YouTube and Twitter have become crucial tools to reach audiences in formerly hard-to-access markets like the U.S. and Europe. Korean artists are bypassing traditional outlets like radio and television, “aggressively steering their efforts to go international via the Internet,” says Bernied Cho, president of DFSB Kollective, a Seoul-based agency specializing in international marketing of Korean pop acts. “Social-media-savvy K-pop stars are now tweeting, YouTubing and Facebooking their way up music charts across and beyond Asia.”

It’s working: allkpop.com, an English-language, U.S.-based Korean pop blog that caters to international fans, now generates more web traffic than any Korean music portals in South Korea. “Korean artists are now out there,” says Johnny Noh, who runs the site. “People like [Korean artists] and want to know more about them.” The blog’s monthly readers more than doubled in the past year, from one million in 2009 to 2.2 million today.

DFSB Kollective was the first company to begin direct distribution of Korean music acts on iTunes in 2009. It began with more than 50 Korean artists in alternative, hip-hop and electronica music genres; now, there are hundreds of Korean artists available in the online music store. Within a few hours of the Aug. 25 iTunes release of Solar International, an extended version of Taeyang’s album that includes English versions of his singles, the album was at No. 3 in Japan, No. 5 in Canada, No. 11 in the U.S. and No. 15 in Australia on iTunes’ R&B/Soul album chart. It will only hit on-the-ground music stores in the U.S. and Canada later, and no release date has even been set for Asian markets. It’s the first time a South Korean album has been promoted offshore and online exclusively through social media groups, according to YG Entertainment, Taeyang’s Korean R&B and hip hop label.

People in the Korean music industry are watching and learning. YG Entertainment also plans to release the first album of girl group 2NE1 internationally and offshore. The group became famous after releasing the single ”Lollipop,” with Big Bang, which was featured in an LG cell-phone ad campaign last year. Since then, 2NE1′s international exposure — particularly in the U.S. — has been growing. Black Eyed Peas producer Will.i.am saw one of their videos on YouTube and immediately wanted to work with them, says Choi Sung-jun, chief operations officer at YG Entertainment. They have been collaborating for the past couple months in Los Angeles and London.

K-pop’s online buzz has also become a way for artists to make a name for themselves at home. Kim Yeo-hee, 22, became a YouTube star last March when she posted three videos under the name Apple Girl. In her first video, Kim played music with the applications of four Apple iphones and sang Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable.” Two days later she became the most searched word in all major Korean web search engines. In May, Kim released her debut digital mini-album and is preparing a new single for release in September; she went from making music on iPhones to selling her own music on iTunes in less than six months. “I wanted to become the Korean version of Justin Bieber,” says Kim. “But I never imagined so many people could be interested in what I do.”

Of course, once you get your face known overseas, you still have to control your image. On a day in late August, Taeyang was working nonstop at the YG studio in Seoul to get ready for his upcoming concert that will be streamed live on YouTube. The young celebrity massaged his shoulder, yawned and, with bags under his eyes, looked through the photos that will appear on his new album. He frowned at an image of himself in which his well-groomed goatee had been photoshopped out. “Call the printer and tell them to change the picture,” he told the designer. He gestured to the photo of his digitally clean-shaven face. “I want to look a bit tough,” he said. “In the U.S., like this, they’ll think I’m too nice.”

credit: alee@ibigbang...
Tq Alee~

[NEWS] Seo In Young shyly admits she wishes to date Taeyang!

Seo InYoung recently starred as a guest on the show SBS Haha Mong Show.

According to the producers of the show, Seo InYoung confessed on the 26th that she would go out with Big Bang member Taeyang if he asked her out.

Seo InYoung said on the show “I’ve been dashed by a few boy idol group members” surprising the studio and Seo InYoung was then asked which idol she would date with, if she was asked out. She answered “Big Bang TaeYang.”

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

[VIDEO] Taeyang “Where U At” Music Video Making!

credit alee @ ibigbang

[NEWS] Big Bang to appear in “Web Drama” – “Haru~ A one day story~”!

What is web drama “Haru ~ a one day story ~”?

At late September, “2010 Korea Tourism Organization Interactive Campaign Sight” will deliver “Haru ~ a one day story ~”, a web drama that consists of 6 groups scenario with 10 Hallyu stars acting in them, through its story, the web drama will tell viewers even more about South Korea. All 6 stories will encounter at one important point, having an unforgettable “day” that is framed by beautiful scenery. “Haru” means “Day” in Korean.


The story will center around scenario writer Lee Da Hae as the main focus. Lee Da Hae, Yunho, and Kim Bum will form a triangle, then the protagonist characters in Da Hee’s scenario Han Chae Young and Park Shi Hoo, also BIGBANG’s story about how they branch toward mountains to keep promises to their fans, all the stories will revolve around in one day time.


BIGBANG: energetic idol stars
Yunho: romantic tough action actor
Han Chae Young: sexy stylist
Park Shi Hoo: cute mischievous cafe manager
Lee Dae Hae: a beautiful scenario writer
Kim Bum: photographer with gentle heart

 credit alee @ ibigbang

[DOWNLOAD] Big Bang – “Beautiful Hangover” 100+ HD Screen Caps!

credit alee @ ibigbang

Download Beautiful Hangover 177 Screen Caps!

[TRANSLATIONS] G-Dragon’s 3rd Question for VIPs!

GD: 10년 뒤에도 자신있어? Even after 10 years will you still be confident?

Basically, will you still be confident of being a VIP in 10 years? At least that’s how I interpreted it.

And this is my ans : I'll always be VIP Forever.Even if i've reincarnated again and again,I'll never forget the Big Bang!!!!

[NEWS] BIG BANG debuts at the #5 spot on the Oricon chart on it’s first day!

Big Bang’s 5th Japanese single, “Beautiful Hangover” debuted at the #5 spot on the Japanese Oricon chart on it’s first day!

Eversince they debuted in Japan last July, all of their singles, starting with “Gara Gara GO!” have debuted in the top 5 rankings of the Oricon chart and they are keeping that trend going with Beautiful Hangover.

Not bad at all boys! ^^ Congrats~~ I can’t wait to see you on the big #1 spot. You’ll get there. :)

[NEWS] Big Bang to attend a concert in Singapore on October 23rd!!!!

Proof’s label facebook just left a message a few hours ago announcing that Big Bang will attend the Korean Pop Night Concert 2010 being held in Singapore!

Proof label is an agency that organizes concerts in Singapore. They announced that Big Bang amongst other idols such as Shinee, SNSD, F.T Island, INFINITE, etc. are expected at the concert on October 23rd.

YG’s side hasn’t disclosed any information on this, and it’s not on Big Bang’s schedule so take this as a rumor for now. I know Big Bang has lots of fans in Singapore! I wish you guys luck and hopefully YG does allow Big Bang to go!! CROSS YOUR FINGERS ^^

But why they haven't come to my town yet?? :( I will wait for you guys till the end of my life...


The girl on the photo and on the left bottom corner of the screen is part of a Japanese girlgroup, AKB48. Her name is Mariko Shinoda and she is a big fan of Big Bang. Seungri said that GD actually also likes her and GD said, “yes, I’m a fan also” then he looked at her picture and said “キレイ♥”, “pretty!”.  

Awww, gah even if you said it to another girl, you looked very cute GD so I can’t complain. The girl must have been so happy! What was Taeyang doing? I didn’t get that part at all. I wish I understood Japanese at times like these! -.- GD’s hair was hooot~~

[VIDEO] Taeyang practicing “I’ll Be There”

[VIDEO] BIGBANG interview on MTV Japan

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

[VIDEO] Big Bang – Beautiful Hangover MV Released!

[AUDIO]Taeyang - Wedding Dress (English Version)

[ AUDIO ]Taeyang - Connection (Feat. Bigtone) (English Version)

[VIDEO] Taeyang’s “I’ll be there” English Version MV released!

[VIDEO] “Beautiful Hangover” MV Teaser

Do you guys still remember the first MV where GD sports that kind of style? The nerdy shades and all? Teehee hahaha. Okay GD stop being so touchy with that girl! hahaha >.< Uwiiie!!! I have a feeling that this MV is going to be great! SHOOT! I can’t wait for this MV NO MORE!

[VIDEO] Taeyang’s “SOLAR” Concert Promo Video

[PHOTOS] Jacket Pics of Beautiful Hangover Album

[TRANSLATION] Big Bang’s 4th Anniverary Event-Ask VIP (G-dragon’s Part)

One of the events for their 4th anniversary was to interact with the fans! Big Bang members had handwritten questions for the fans. Please answer them VIPs^^

What is one thing you want to do with us?

As a Big Bang fan, what do you think is our problem?..tell us about it, I want to know if there’s a need for improvements.

[NEWS] Lee Min Ho, “These days from the singers I liked Big Bang the most”

Lee Min Ho said that his most liked singer nowadays is Big Bang.

Lee Minho along with Jackie Chan, held a press conference on August 23rd at the Hyatt Hotel as ambassadors of South Korea’s “Asian Song Festival with UNICED” organization committee.
The 1st lineup of artists participating at this charity concert was announced and he was asked, “Recently, what kind of singers do you like“.

Lee Minho answered, “I like Big Bang the best” he said. After that he said, “SNSD I like too.” A bit embarrassed he said, “Just like everyone else likes them”.

[NEWS] JinuSean’s MV floating around after six years, why? Because of G-Dragon…

Male hip-hop group, JinuSean’s music video “Phone Number” has become a hot topic amongst fans once again. On August 23rd in a online community site an article with the title, “Gahee found in JinuSean’s “Phone Number” MV” was posted.

Hip-hop duo men, JinuSean, who debuted in 1997 with their first song “Gasoline” introduced a stylish hip-hop genre. Jinusean released their song “Phone Number” in their “노라보세” in November 2004, and the appearance of the many stars in the music video has attracted attention.

After School’s GaHee appeared in the music video during the sexy backdancing with her brilliant dancing skills. In addition to GaHee, member of Big Bang, G-Dragon also appeared, 1TYM’s Song Bae Kyeong, Se7en, Mugadang, Lee Eun Ju, all YG Family members, also PSY and DJ DOC’s Lee Ha Neul did special appearances to add more fun.

The netizens reactions to the photos were, “It wasn’t refined”, “Seeing this now is refreshing”, “that’s the first time so many cameos were done in a music video”. Such reactions were shown.

[VIDEO] Big Bang on Fuji’s “Hey! Hey! Hey!” Show!

The show is basically doing a review on when Big Bang first came to the show last year. Big Bang will be on Hey! Hey! Hey! again today! When the videos are uploaded we’ll update this :)

[ AUDIO ] Taeyang - Connection (feat. Big Tone)

[ AUDIO ] Taeyang - Wedding Dress (English Version)

[AUDIO] “Somebody to Luv” full length REVEALED!

[NEWS] T.O.P “Lee Mi Sook (50) is older but is sexy and charming”

Actress Lee Mi Sook and boy band Big Bang’s TOP have met. Fashion magazine Elle released a hot photo shoot that was done by Lee Mi Sook, with her feminine and sexy charisma, and TOP, who hides his manly charm under a trendy mask.

This photo shoot, with its concept of relationship, focused on depicting the passion between two people in love rather than the older-younger couple with 30-years between them. Lovely acress Lee Mi Sook, who doesn’t look her age of 50, and idol and actor TOP, who looks too mature to be in his twenties, acted the part of a couple in love so naturally and completed a hot photo shoot.

The two actors were able to pull off a fur jacket couple-look that is difficult to take on with just a decent physique and charisma, and showed off their respective chic charms.
In an interview with Elle, TOP did not hold back his compliments, saying, “I felt an overpowering sexy charisma the entire time I was with Lee Mi Sook.” Lee Mi Sook also shared her thoughts on the photo shoot saying, “Watching all the work that TOP has done, I saw a face that wasn’t simply young but had a story in it. So today I’m sure he came across as the man of a certain woman.”

In order to portray an older woman who is deeply in love with a younger man, Lee Mi Sook took on heavy exposure that she hadn’t even done in movies, and TOP who had been having a difficult time with the flu, behaved like a pro, even worrying that he would spread his sickness to Lee Mi Sook.

[NEWS] G-Dragon, full of charisma at a young age “Big Bang’s graduation photos”

Big Bang’s graduation photos are the talk of the town.

On the 22nd, Big Bang members’ G-Dragon (Kwon Ji Yong), TOP (Choi Seung Hyun), Taeyang (Dong Young Bae), Daesung (Kang Dae Sung), and Seungri (Lee Seung Hyun) graduation photos were posted online, drawing in the attention of netizens.

If in these graduation photos of Big Bang, who made themselves known as an idol group with unreal skills, there are images of those who showed off charisma since they were younger, there are also those who, unlike now, looked innocent and child-like.

In particular, leader G-Dragon seemed to have possessed an overwhelming charisma, and though TOP’s chubby face grabs your attention first, his sharp features boast of ‘superior genes.’

Netizens were glad to see Big Bang’s graduation photos, saying, “I fell for Jiyong’s facial expression. So cute,” “Big Bang never let’s us down,” “G-Dragon’s force was like none other since back then.”

[ENG VIDEO] Daesung’s Phonecall to the SBS Radio Cultwoshow!

So the conclusion from the call is..Daesung’s mustache isn’t growing? hahaha. I miss Daesungie, he’s so funny.  

Big Bang is in the middle of a CF? This call was on August 21st, so I wonder what kind of CF they are shooting now? for Fila? Hm..I guess we’ll find out soon. ^^

[VIDEO] Big Bang at Lotte Duty Free Fan Meeting Fancam!

While at the fanmeeting held on August 21st, the boys performed a total of 6 songs for their fans.
1-Number 1
2-Tell Me Goodbye
3-Let me hear your voice
4-Hands Up
5-How Gee
6-My Heaven

The fans there must have had a blast! They should never ever wash their hands again!! XD

[VIDEO] Seungri “Enjoy Today” Episode 1 FULL!

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7



100821 G-dragon Fancam at a Parking Lot

[Fancam #2] G-Dragon at Lotte Duty Free Shop Fan Meeting on 100821

[VIDEO] Taeyang’s ‘I’ll Be There’ Performance on Inkigayo!

[PHOTO] Boss Love on Taeyang’s Twitter!

Taeyang tweeted this on Twitter with the caption ” BABY ^^

AWW that’s so sweet! Boss is looking well taken care of, but of course, why wouldn’t he be? Wait a minute… Is that Taeyang‘s bed Boss is on? Does it look big enough for TWO people?! -gets ready to pounce-

[PHOTOS] Taeyang’s twitter UPDATE

He looks so yummy. Oh sorry! I mean the food looks so yummy! LOL! XD Are those foods only for the two of them? O_O WOW! That’s a LOT! hahaha SHARE!