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[Photo] GDTOP on 10Asia

[Photo] GDTOP on MNET Countdown!

T.O.P's 10Asia Interview

During the performance of their new song “Knockout,” T.O.P, during most of the time, either stood still or moved slowly when he rapped while his partner G-Dragon (GD) moved wildly around the stage. But no one would dare say he moves less for their performance of “Knockout” only becomes complete when GD’s swiftness is combined with T.O.P’s heaviness along with the presence of their unique characters that are as different as their hairstyles. Furthermore, T.O.P has the ability to ‘eat up’ the audience with the most unexpected movements. He once used to be one of the five members of Big Bang who worried over his lack of dancing skills but he can now capture people’s attention without so much as moving a muscle. Here is T.O.P’s remarks about performing on stage, his thoughts and his confidence. 10Asia will publish its interview with both T.O.P and GD tomorrow.

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[Photos] T.O.P on 10Asia Interview Magazines

[News] YG reveals plans for 2011 through YGLife blog

Previously, YG Entertainment revealed that they would answer burning questions from fans through their YG-LIFE blog.

The site was recently updated with detailed plans for 2011 from CEO Yang Hyun Suk.

[Video] G-Dragon & T.O.P Winning #1 M Count Down


[Video] Big Bang on Japan Record Award Special Attending


[NEWS] TOP named the #2 “rabbit star expected to thrive in 2011″!

Lee Seung Gi was named the top star from the year of the rabbit that is expected to thrive in 2011.
Music web site Monkey3 conducted a survey from December 22nd through the 29th asking what “star from the year of the rabbit would thrive in 2011“, Lee Seung Gi received an overwhelming response with 54% of the votes (442 people out of 817), earning him the #1 spot.

Lee Seung Gi had a huge success in many different areas in 2010. He showed amazing acting in SBS’s “My girlfriend is a Gumiho“, he also showcased variety show skills through “1 night 2 days” and “Strong Heart”, and he was strong in the music department as well.

At number 2 was Big Bang’s member TOP with 22% of the votes, 183 voters who considered him the star of the year of the pig who will flourish the most in 2011. Big Bang member TOP who put a pause to his music career in order to pursue an acting career recently won the Popularity Korean Wave award at the 47th Grand Bell Awards.

At number 3 was BEG member Gain, at 4th place JYJ’s Xiah Junsu. Both from drama “Mary Stayed out Night”, Jang Geun Suk received 5th place and Moon Geun Young came in at 6th place.

(Source: Daum | Translated: alee @

[PHOTO] G-Dragon and TOP backstage photo at M-countdown!

GD & TOP will perform again today at Mnet’s M-Countdown!!
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(source: mnetmcountdown @ twitter)

GDTOP Lyrics

WeLL,i've posted the lyrics of all GDTOP Vol 1 album.
Hope u guys like it..^^

GD and TOP High High Album

01 Intro
03 OH YEAH (Feat. 박봄)
04 집에 가지마
06 뻑이가요
08 악몽 (GD)
09 오늘따라 (TOP)
10 어쩌란 말이냐 (GD)

[PHOTOS] TOP’s 10Asia Interview Photo spam

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

[VIDEO] G-Dragon at Gimpo Airport leaving for Japan on December 30th!

(source: bigbanghavenYT01@yt)

[NEWS] GD & TOP’s Album Available on iTunes!

It took YG long enough! But it’s finally here! For those who wanted the much sought after GD & TOP Album, you can now buy it for only $12 at iTunes!

It brings all 11 tracks plus the booklet with lyrics and photos! :) Get your copy now here: iTunes GD & TOP Album

(source: itunes store tip: thanks Nicole!)

[INTERVIEW] G-Dragon Interview on 10Asia

The reporters of 10Asia spent three days, starting December 24 till 26, working. It was the weekend that included Christmas. However, who cares about working? During those three days, we watched the performance by G-Dragon (from here on GD) and T.O.P, we interviewed them on the set of their show and took pictures of them on stage. We just feel bad for them having to spend Christmas with the two who said they feel bad for each other. Below are the excerpts from 10Asia’s interview with GD.

Big Bang member GD [Chae Ki-won, Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

[NEWS] YG Entertainment will reveal new detailed news for 2011, what could they be?!

Fans of Big Bang are patiently waiting for their comeback in Korea and YG Entertainment has been a bit vague stating that Big Bang will make a comeback in February 2011. Well, it seems more detailed information may be coming our way as a teaser was recently posted on the YG Life Blog.

Loosely translated as, “Tomorrow morning at 9AM, YG Entertainment will release information for 2011 that fans have been curious about.” – Yang Hyun Suk (YG Entertainment CEO)

The message itself is also a bit vague, but fans should be excited as they’ll learn more about YG Entertainment’s 2011 plans.

Source: YG-LIFE + AKP
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[VIDEOS] GD & TOP at Gayo Daejun Performances!





Sources:CodeAnalysisSeason2@YT + CrazyCarrot360@YT

[Video] GDTOP on SBS Gayo Daejun Interview

[Video] Big Bang Making DVD + Calender & Dairy 2011

Source: tesonachoachoa@YT

[News] GD&TOP Official Photos from Mnet M!Countdown(101223)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

[NEWS] G-Dragon and TOP’s Album quickly rising in Japanese charts!

GD & TOP’s new album is gaining popularity in Japan even before it’s release.

On the 28th, according to Japanese music site HMV, GD & TOP’s new album ranked high on the CD and overall week and daily categories.

GD & TOP’s Volume 1 album ranked at #3 in both weekly and daily overall CD charts and at #3 in both weekly and daily pre-order charts. While at #4 in all rankings daily.

Even before GD & TOP’s duo album went into sale, the volume of the orders for it is quickly rising in Japanese music charts, proving their power.

(Source: dcinside + hmv | Translated: alee)

[Photo] G-Dragon Photos from Inkigaya[101226] on 10Asia

[NEWS] Yang Hyun Suk speaks out on KBS Festival non-attendance

A controversy arose earlier this month when YG Entertainment announced that their artists would not be participating in KBS’s “Gayo Festival“. In response to the flurry of questions over his decision, YGE’s CEO, Yang Hyun Suk, recently spoke out to clarify on the issue.

He expressed, “I believe that there is a difference in thought between KBS and YGE. We’ve decided not to have our artists attend the ceremony because we simply do not agree with the awards’ standards. We are adverse with relying on ARS texting votes, broadcast points, and live votes to determine results. Unfortunately, since KBS will utilize those methods, it led us to our decision not to attend.

He continued, “Just like how all broadcast programs only invite artists that they want on the show, decisions made by entertainment companies are autonomous as well. We hope that people don’t exaggerate a program appearance decision between two companies to be indicative of a conflict.”

Unlike MBC and SBS, who both got rid of the awards component of their ceremonies due to controversies on standards, KBS will be awarding one artist/team a popularity award through polls and votes.

[NEWS] Teen Top, following after Big Bang’s TOP Silver Terminator Hair?

Rookie group TEEN TOP who has been assigned the opening stage of SBS’s Gayo Daejun, revealed their shocking concept photos that are reminiscent of “Cyborgs” and have attracted the attention from the public.

The six members with the same Cyborg inspired outfits, make-up, silver hair, and closed eyes, are reminiscent of a futuristic fantasy movie.

Moreover, Teen Top’s new hairstyles were compared amongst the public to TOP’s recent silver hairstyle for the G-Dragon and TOP unit activities.

Netizens left reactions such as, “Lady Gaga shocked me”, “What kind of song will come out of something like this”, “It’s the complete transformation”, “Looks like TOP”.

(Source: morningnews | Translated: alee)

[Me2day] Seungri joins me2day

Seungri created a me2day on the 27th and joined the rest of the YG Family, 2NE1, GD, TOP, Daesung, Se7en, PSY, Gummy, etc.

Now only Taeyang is missing but he has a twitter so technically all of the boys are now connected to us fans through social networks~! ^^

[NEWS] YG Entertainment donated over 180 million won for year-end charity

YG Entertainment announced through its press release on Tuesday that it has donated over 180 million won for charity this year.

YG Entertainment, which is heading the public charity campaign “WITH,” recently donated some 184 million won accumulated from their sales of albums, mobile music, concerts and other music-related merchandise of its artists.

Of the total amount, 100 million won went to Holt International Children’s Service Seoul in the form of scholarship and another 79 million won to children suffering from rare diseases.

The remaining five million won was used for purchasing 10,000 coal briquettes to warm households during wintertime. Employees, as well as singers from YG including Se7en, Big Bang, Gummy and Sean took part in the massive delivery of the briquettes to over 500 households in needy areas.

As small as our efforts is, we still hope this may be of some help to people spending a warm winter,” YG official said, quoting from the press release. “The sum may not be much compared to the love we received from our fans but we will continue to work harder to improve ourselves and share that love.” 

(source: asiae)

[Video] High High MV Making Film (eng subs)

Source: MrMori90@YT

[Photo] Big Bang new Photo of LG CYON

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[Photo] Bigbang Japan Limited Box by Japanese VIP


Contents are:
Making DVD for Calendar shooting. (About 20 mins)
Big Bang schedule book 2011.
With desk calendar.

source: Tisya@bbupdates.
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