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[News] Seungri VVIP and GD&TOP Album Sales from Hanteo (110130)

Total sales of Seungri's VVIP mini-album as of January 30 is 12,518:

Total sales of GD&TOP's album as of January 30 is 60,525:

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[Photos/Video] Seungri @ KJE Chocolate Recording (110126)

[Photos] Seungri on the cover of Inkigayo Magazine + spotted at Bong Chu Steamed Chicken

Cover of Inkigayo Magazine's February issue:

Spotted at Bongchu in Hongdae:

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[Photos] More Taeyang in L.A.

When he was in L.A. two weeks ago~


[Subbed] Sandara and GD&TOP on Entertainment Tonight

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[VIDEOS] G-Dragon, TOP and Seungri Performances on Inkigayo!

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[Videos] Seungri and Big Bang on Leitura Dinâmica Brazil

Translation: "What Can I Do" released last week is still doing well on music charts and he should have his international debut this month. So we say good bye with Seungri's song. Good night and see you tomorrow!

The same program also had a KPOP special and below is the cut with BIGBANG. Full video here.

Translation: 2NE1 already has an album produced by, from Black Eyed Peas. The record will only be released in April, but it’s already on the Billboard list of potential hits. But KPOP is not only about girl groups. Big Bang is the main boyband of the moment, one of the the most awarded in Asia. From this group, comes famous names like Seung Ri and G-Dragon.

Note: They made a mistake on the part about Seungri's international debut. Not also sure about the bit on 2NE1.

Sources: Big Bang Brazil + Translations by Atenais

[News] How is Big Show 2010 in 3D different from the regular concert?

The idol group Big Bang is making a comeback after 2 years and the issue of their 3D concert is getting hotter and hotter.On the 28th, Big Bang held a special premium event and they all gathered to greet everyone and to let everyone know of their Big Show 3D. It's been more than a year since Big Bang stood on the photo line together and the fans are getting excited seeing them all together.

On this day, the Big Show 3D was revealed and the show was mastered through the use of surround sound and 3D techniques. They were able to send a very hot performance to the audience. The show contained each of the member's own talents and their natural self on stage. The show was even more fun as the members were "flying" on stage and "flying" towards the audience.

This show is not only popular among the fans in Korea but among fans overseas as well and they're planning on releasing this in Japan at the same time as Korea. It's good news for the Japanese fans who were planning on flying to Korea to watch the show. In Korea, it will be released on February 2nd and it will be released in February in Japan as well.

On this day, on the special premium event, the fans attended this event with cheering accessories, making the atmosphere of the event like an actual concert.

Source: Osen + Translation: eunjin @
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[News] Seungri tops Last FM's Most Hyped Artists

Seungri's solo promotions have earned him a notch on's most hyped artists list. is one of the world's largest music communities, allowing users to listen to free music while on the internet. 

For the week ending with the 23rd of January, Big Bang's youngest member Seungri took the top spot for the week's "Rising Artist". He rose up 1,692% this week while his song "VVIP" being on his top tracks after 1,625 clicks.

Seungri beat out many artists representing countries all over the world. G.NA also represented the K-pop phenomenon, as she came in at number 115.

Source: Last FM
Article By Koreaboo

Wow...Congratulation maknae~! Great job!

[Video] Daesung fancam @ Big Show 2010 in 3D Premiere

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[PHOTO] New singer Junu suffers humiliation for a selca with G-Dragon!

New artist Junu uploaded to me2day a photo of him taken with Big Bang’s G-Dragon and received a lot of humiliation from the public for his big face.
Junu uploaded a photo of him and G-Dragon that was taken at the recording of Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate. After the photo was revealed it received an explosion of interest from the public because of the comparison between G-Dragon’s small face to Junu’s big face, receiving lots of humiliation.
Meanwhile on Sunday 30th at 12:00am Junu’s performance on Kim Jun Eung’s Chocolate will be broadcasted. Junu has launched a successful debut with his song “Keep the faith
(Source: bnt Translated: alee @ ibigbang)

[NEWS] Seungri “G-Dragon sent me a 30-line text message, he’s really hateful”

After saying Jiyong was his favorite member in pretty much the very beginning:
Jiyong is kind of hateful [by hateful it's not like hateful as in he hates other things/people but it's kind of like... someone you want to hate but can't]. He criticizes a lot but then takes care of us after, so it’s very hateful. After the first broadcast [of the comeback] he sent me a 30-line text message. This is the longest text message I have ever read from Jiyong.”
No Hong Chul asks what kind of stuff he wrote so Seungri replies
He wrote tons of bad stuff about my expression, live performance, gesture, what kind of dance is that, are you really a dancing kid, what is this, do you not exercise these days, you look so dwarfish/weak, do you not see the camera etc. I got scolded when I got home and I said stuff like please wait, I will do better etc.”
Then Seungri says that “Jiyong called the managers, stylists, etc. and told them to take care of Seungri well and give him warm food and all that caring stuff. Seungri says Jiyong is hateful because his hyung is so cool and can do everything.”
Another section was when No Hong Chul asks him what kind of comments online are the most hurtful. So Seungri says “this isn’t something that happened to me personally but to another person. The person called me crying and said that he got a comment saying ‘the only thing left for this person is suicide.
So I told him “to not care about those comments too much and tried to cheer him up but I was hurt too. I said that I would save him.”
He didn’t specifically say GD but I remember on NAN GD talked about how someone told him to commit suicide and for some reason the MC was like how did Seungri respond to those negative things? And GD talked about how Seungri was very mature about it and told him not to care about it blah blah so I’m guessing Seungri was talking about GD.
Another section is the classic if you were a girl who would you date from Big Bang?” Seungri answers “G-dragon.” he kind of sighs/groans LOL and hes like,
he is very romantic. I’m his roommate so I see everything. He’s seriously romantic. If he dates someone he makes a song for them. One time he asked me how the song was. And I said oh my god if this was released in Korea there’d be a huge deal and it would make so much money. But… since it’s for the woman he loves it’s only for her and gives up that money/fame from that song.”

[VIDEO/NEWS] Dara “G-Dragon is a good romantic”!

2NE1 member, Sandara Park unveiled a cute story with G-Dragon. On January 29, Sandara Park revealed on KBSTV2 Entertainment Tonight (MC Shin Hyun Jun) that, G-Dragon is someone you’d think ‘This is a man I hope to find good romance with,’ though you won’t think it of him” she said.
Sandara Park continued, “Not long ago, I went to ski with G-Dragon,” she said, “Usually, though it’s not something many people believe, G-Dragon is not one who says so many words. So he got my ski board that I was carrying, without saying anything,” she revealed.
When he heard this, G-Dragon said, “Sandara Park was holding this board that looked like twice her weight,” he continued, “It looked hard for her. So without care, I got it, her thanks is enough.”
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[PHOTOS] Seungri on “VVIP” PV set!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

[VIDEOS] Seungri MBC Music Core Performances!

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[VIDEO] Seungri Mnet Wide HOT Interview ENG Subbed!

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haha..What is he doing?? He play with his own nose??hahaha...."my eyes are sparkling" love that!

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[News] Big Tone talks about working with Seungri

Excerpt from an interview with BIGTONE:

How did you feel collaborating with Seungri for his new album?
It was a good experience.
Seungri composed and wrote lyrics for the first time on this mini album,
but he was very good and passionate for his first time,
so I had a lot of fun working with him.
It was the first time a song I worked on became a title song, so I felt good about that.

Credits: Asterik @ koreaboo

[Videos] Big Bang 2011 Calender APP G-Dragon's Voice & Movie

[PHOTO] Kim Young Chul parodies TOP at “Strong Heart”!

Comedian Kim Young Chul tweeted a photo of himself imitating TOP at the “Strong Heart”shooting.
“Kim Young Chul: Strong Heat….TOP parody heh, at the beginning I suffered teasing because they said I looked like an old man…lastly though Seung Gi said “you resemble Einstein” heh”
(Source: 김영철@twitter Translated: alee @ ibigbang)

[VIDEO] TOP “NTV Zoom-in!! Saturday” Interview!

[VIDEOS] Taeyang fancam + Wedding Dress cut!

[Photos] Seungri @ MBC Dream Radio + Me2Day Update (110128)

Seungri Me2Day Update w/ photo below: "Going live on Dream radio"
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After Dream Radio with MBC Starry Night's Park Kyeong Rim: 

Sources: viofbb + dreamradio + talkinradio

[NEWS] Jung Eun has died at age 15 of Leukemia

Last December, Big Bang and Jinusean’s Sean made a surprise visit to a young girl named Jung Eun, who was fighting for her life against leukemia. Jung Eun was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 15, and her one dream was to meet Big Bang’s Daesung in real life, which led her father to leave a message on a Big Bang fansite.
Sean immediately took notice of it, and he and the Big Bang members periodically visited the fan in the hospital. They even invited her to their concert in February, in the hopes that she’d be well enough to attend by then.
But on January 28th, Sean revealed that Jung Eun had passed away. The artist wrote through his Twitter: Jung Eun has left for Heaven.
“Because of her father’s love and the efforts of Big Bang’s fans, Jung Eun was able to receive the precious gift of spending time with the members of Big Bang before she left. Jung Eun herself gave us a gift in return, in which she raised awareness for children fighting leukemia.
” I’ve earned a lot of things from Jung Eun. Jung Eun was able to bring together the fans of Big Bang under one heart. Jung Eun became a great example of the power of social networking.
” Our country is the strongest IT nation in the world, and I’d like for us to think for once just what we choose to share through social networking. I think it’d great if this section of our lives helped realize someone’s dreams, gave hope, and shared love. While fighting leukemia, this internet space was what helped Jung Eun realize her dream of meeting Big Bang.” Netizens commented, “It would’ve been so great if she was able to attend their concert in February…,” “I hope she is happy in Heaven,” and “Rest in peace.”

[VIDEOS] Seungri performs “White Love” + “VVIP” at MBC Radio!

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[NEWS] T.O.P and G-dragon are norminated for “MTV x DAUM Music Fest”!

G-Dragon & TOP  are nominated of  the “attractive” Singers category for “MTV x  DAUM MUSIC FEST.”  
With the upcoming ‘MTV Daum Music Fest’ drawing near, it was recently revealed that the singers who will stand on stage to perform will be entirely in the hands of the netizens.
MTV and Daum Communication will be holding a poll from January 25th till February 8th on their respective home pages, where netizens will be able to pick their favorite artists for the festival’s lineup. The artists have been divided into a total of ten categories to match the concept of the concert, some of which include, “Dynamic”, “Sexy”, and “Trendy“.
From red carpets to the main show, the festival is currently in the works to bring out a variety of performances and large stages to match with the global festival. To further the festivities of Asian music, MTV will be broadcasting performances live from nine countries, including Japan, China, and Taiwan.
“Having the performance lineup be directly decided by the netizens, along with the fact that our representative Hallyu singers will be introduced through broadcast in other countries, we believe this will be a meaningful concert. MTV Korea will continue to take the lead role in exposing our culture and Hallyu music to the world with these colorful music festivals,” stated MTV production director Kim Chang Woo.
The ‘MTV Daum Music Fest’ will take place on February 19th at 8 PM at the Korea University Gymnasium in Seoul.
GD&TOP are nominated under ATTRACTIVE.
2NE1 and PSY are also nominated.. 2NE1 under SEXY & CUTE & PSY under DYNAMIC.
click here to vote: Daum Music Fest
how to do
click on the red under the photo, then click “ok” on the message that will pop up,
after you have voted, the side will refresh and that means you’re done voting =3
.you can vote as many times you get started on voting! =D
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