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[News] Big Bang 4th Mini Album Hanteo Sales + K-Chart Prediction

Total sales of Big Bang's 4th mini-album on Hanteo (based only on the stores/sellers registered in their database) as of end of February 28 is 88,011:

+) Prediction for this week's K-Chart on Music Bank by user Shn0718 at Hanteo, who is usually pretty accurate:

Digital Sales Chart (Digital Chart + Mobile Chart)
1. Best In My Life (Lee Hyun) (3420 + 4490) = (Approx 7910 Points)
2. The Story Only I Didn't Know (IU) (4027 + 2398) = (Approx 6425 Points)
3. Tonight (Big Bang) (3077 + 2540) = (Approx 5617 Points)
4. Black and White ( (2699 + 1843) = (Approx 4542 Points)
5. Tok Tok (Mighty Mouth) (2637 + 1615) = (Approx 4252 Points)
6. Good Day (IU) (1495 + 1599) = (Approx 3094 Points)
7. Shy Boy (Secret) (1845 + 1116) = (Approx 2961 Points)

Viewer Preference Chart (Referenced past scores)
1. The Story Only I Didn't Know (IU) (1200 Points)
2. Good Day (IU) (700 Points)
3. Shy Boy (Secret) (600 Points)
4. Black and White ( (500 Points)
5. Best In My Life (Lee Hyun) (250 Points)
6. Tok Tok (Mighty Mouth) (250 Points)
7. Tonight (Big Bang) (0 Points)

Album Chart (Based on: Hanteo, Referenced: Hot Tracks/Shinnara)
1. Tonight (Big Bang) (10000 Points)
2. The Story Only I Didn't Know (IU) (865 Points)
3. Good Day (IU) (411 Points)
4. Black and White ( (106 Points)
5. Best In My Life (Lee Hyun) (39 Points)
6. Shy Boy (Secret) (0 Points)
7. Tok Tok (Mighty Mouth) (0 Points)

Broadcast Chart (Referenced: Chart Korea/Air Monitor)
*Large margin of error
1. The Story Only I Didn't Know (IU) (2815 Points)
2. Shy Boy (Secret) (2635 Points)
3. Black and White ( (2110 Points)
4. Good Day (IU) (2060 Points)
5. Best In My Life (Lee Hyun) (1975 Points)
6. Tok Tok (Mighty Mouth) (1665 Points)
7. Tonight (Big Bang) (645 Points)

Total Predicted Chart (Digital Chart + Preference Chart + Album Chart + Broadcast Chart)
1. Tonight (Big Bang) (5617 + 0 + 10000 + 645) = (Total 16262 Points)
2. The Story Only I Didn't Know (IU) (6425 + 1200 + 865 + 2815) = (Total 11305 Points)
3. Best In My Life (Lee Hyun) (7910 + 250 + 39 + 1975) = (Total 10174 Points)
4. Black and White ( (4542 + 500 + 106 + 2110) = (Total 7258 Points)
5. Good Day (IU) (3094 + 700 + 411 + 2060) = (Total 6265 Points)
6. Shy Boy (Secret) (2961 + 600 + 0 + 2635) = (Total 6196 Points)
7. Tok Tok (Mighty Mouth) (4252 + 250 + 0 + 1665) = (Total 6167 Points)

Note: Because Big Bang released their album on Thursday, and the week starts on Monday for Music Bank, so Big Bang only gets half of the week counted, while everyone else had a whole week of sales. YG always releases their albums on a Thursday because they know they can win with only half a week of sales, saving more sales for the following week.

Big Bang might get over 25k points in total with digital + album scores alone the following week when they get a whole week's worth of sales recorded.

Sources: Shn0718 @ Hanteo via DCBB + Hanteo Sales via DCGD
Translation from flibbertigibbet @ 6theory

[Download/Photos] Big Bang Japan Lotte Duty Free March 2011 Wallpapers

Source: Lotte Japan via teambigbang

[Photos] Sponsor Goods/Display @ Big Show 2011

From FILA booth:

From Me2Day booth:

From G-Market booth:

Source: As tagged

[VIDEOS] Seungri Night After Night Cuts 110228

[News] Taeyang will Featuring with Swings in "By Instinct"

Digital Single out on March 9. Swings originally sang this with Yoon Jong Shin:

[News]G-Dragon talks about his "Cafe" experience

Seoul, Korea — Group Big Bang’s G-Dragon (Kwon Ji Yong, age 23) revealed that he composed a song about his experience of separation.

G-Dragon, making a comeback in two years and three months, revealed on SBS’s special edition The Big Bang Show, airing on the 27th, that “Café,” composed and written by himself, is about his experience of separation.

G-Dragon said, “I have received news of separation at a café. I wrote ‘Café’ with that experience in mind.”

Meanwhile, Big Bang made a spectacular comeback through this program with “Tonight,” the title song of the mini album, stages of their hit songs such as “Lies,” talks, and parodies.
Source: JTN
Translated by Sung Kyu Chang /
Sent in by AnniyaVIP

[PHOTOS] Big Bang BIG SHOW 24 pages Brochure Scans!

[NEWS] Big Bang’s SBS Big Show gets high ratings!

Big Bang’s comeback took over the airwaves with a big bang!
According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, SBS’s hour-long special ’The Big Bang Show”achieved a 5.7% rating when it aired on February 27th. It’s actually a high figure, considering that its airtime was after midnight. In comparison, ‘Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate’, which originally airs in that time block, only achieved 3.3% last week.
The boys excited their viewers by performing their original hits, as well as tracks from their fourth mini-album. After kicking off their set with the lively “Hands Up“, Big Bang moved on to “Somebody to Love“, “Cafe“, “What is Right“, and “Tonight“; they also performed “Lie“, “Sunset Glow” and “Last Farewell“.
In addition to the performances, the group also took part in a hilarious parody of SBS’s hit drama, “Secret Garden“. Viewers saw G-Dragon take on the role of ‘Gil Ra Im’ (originally played by Ha Ji Won), while T.O.P played as Hyun Bin’s ‘Kim Joo Won’.
As the cherry on top, the boys also unveiled the music video for their title track, “Tonight“. Considering all the treats SBS delivered for the Big Bang fans out there (and for those who just wanted to learn more about this hot group), it’s no wonder that the boys managed to rake in big figures for their hour-long special.
(source: akp)

[RUMOR] “Tonight” MV: English Version?

While watching The BIGBANG Show on SBS, thousands of fans watched a 3-second clip of G-Dragon fliming the “Tonight” music video. However, he rapped an English verse that is not originally featured in the song. This had many fans wondering if they were also in Las Vegas to film an English version of the “Tonight” MV for the American music market.
There has been speculation over the past few months that BIGBANG would be debuting in America with 2NE1, their female label-mates.
Watch G-Dragon rap the English verse around 0:30 in the video above, after Taeyang is finished speaking.
Source: GDBIAS

[Photo]Seungri's Me2Day update (110228)

승스카 , 지라임 , 김주탑 을보고싶으시다면 지금당장 네이버에 '시크릿빅뱅' 을 검색하세요^^
Tags: SBS 네이버 빅뱅 미투데이 승투 메인걸어주삼 승스카 컴백주 빅뱅특집

Translation: If you wish to see Seuska, Gi Ra Im, Kim Ju Top. Search for 'Secret Big Bang' immediately at Naver^^
Tags: SBS, NAVER, BIGBANG, SEUNG 2, Seungska, Comeback Week, BIGBANG Special

Translation: Rebecca@bigbangupdates

[Photos] More Big Show 2011 Goods

[Photos] Big Bang Mobile Update : Backstage of Big Show 2011

*Photos are LQ because they can only be accessed via mobile and can't be downloaded.

[News] Updated! Celebrities who attended Big Bang's Big Show 2011

Celebrities who were spotted at BIGBANG's Big Show concert:

Beast, Teen Top, TVXQ (not sure which members), Choi Jong Hoon, Eugene, Gain, Choi Tae Joon, Sandara Park, Gong Minji, Park Bom

Ahn Seon Young, Lee Min Woo, Park Bom, Gain, Jang Hyun Seung, Kim Yoo Jung

Shim Eun Ha, Ha Ji Won, Brian, Colleen Park, Lee Soo Hyuk

Credits: via flibbertigibbet @ 6theory

Sunday, February 27, 2011

[News] SBS sells out ads for ‘The Big Bang Show’

SBS is advertising its one-hour special program ‘The Big Bang Show,’ which will air on the 27th at midnight, during midnight TV programming.

According to SBS, the network sold all of its ‘The Big Bang Show’ commercials even for late-night time blocks. This shows that advertisers have recognized the value and power of Big Bang’s come back in two years and three months.

It is often difficult to spot commercials for popular programs, except for sports, during midnight TV programming.

This will be Big Bang’s first TV appearance since ‘Big Show’ come back. They will kick off the show with ‘Lie,’ ‘Sunset Glow’ and the latest song ‘Tonight,’ and also reveal their new music video.

Big Bang members will also take on acting in parodies. They will reveal ‘Secret Big Bang,’ their parody of SBS drama ‘Secret Garden.’
In the parody, G-Dragon plays Gil Ra Im, TOP plays Kim Joo Won, Daesung plays Joo Won's secretary and Kim Joo Won's mother and Seungri plays Oska.

Fans are buzzing over G-Dragon and TOP’s acting skills. Top has already starred in TV drama ‘Iris’ and movie ‘Into the Fire.’ But G-Dragon has only focused on activities as a musician.

It has also been rumored that the ‘Tonight’ music video includes Daesung’s first bed scene. At the ‘Big Show’ concert, held this weekend for 3 days,’ TOP had apparently told fans that “Daesung got his first lead role in the ‘Tonight’ music video and he has a scandalous scene.”
Then Daesung explained, “Top means a ‘bad scene,” and added onto the mysteries about the music video.

SBS’s one-hour special ‘The Big Bang Show’ will perform all six songs from their mini album that topped the music charts and was filmed over 2 days (18th and 23rd).

According to the producer, Big Bang showed an awesome stage despite being idle on broadcasts for a long time. They also staged dynamic fashion style for each song, and impressed the staff members.

“Many staff members couldn’t hide their amazement over Big Bang’s stage and charisma that stands apart from other idol groups,’ said one staff member.

Source: Naver
Translation: AKP

[Videos] "The Big Bang Show" Comeback Special (110227)

Source: kpopbisu

[Me2Day] Seungri Updates his Me2Day

SBS 저녁 12:00시 톱스타 승스카와함께하세요. 1시간전
Tags: 빅뱅쇼 특집 SBS 12시 지라임 김주탑 강비서 승스카 검색어1위 예감

Translation will be updated later~

Source: Seungri's Me2Day

[Video] Big Bang Making of Big Show 2010 3D

[Video] Seungri Night After Night Preview!

Source Via realgilbakk + TeamBigBang

[Photos] Big Bang Standees.goods display and bus@Big Bang show 2011

[Photos] Big Show 2011 recorded in 3D

Photos posted by Son Seok, SBS Contents Hub Head:

a)2011빅뱅빅쇼 3D녹화 무사히 끝났습니다..도와주신 모든 분들께 감사드립니다^^
b)멤버들도 스탭들도 힘들게 만든 빅뱅스페셜쇼.. 오늘 밤 12시 SBS 많은시청 바랍니다^^

Translation: a)2011 Big Show 3D recording has finished...Thanks to everyone who helped out ^^
b) Crew members also put effort on 'Big Bang Show'. So please tune in to SBS at 12 midnight ^^

Source: sonseokpd @ twitter

[Video] Big Show 2011 Day 1 Fancams (110225)

G-Dragon fancams from Day 1:

What is right

[VIDEO] Big Bang’s 1-hour special new preview!

source: realgilbakk@yt

[PHOTOS] Big Bang BIG SHOW Concert Photos Day 2!

[News] Daesung's first "bed scene" to be revealed on The Big Bang Show

On the 27th Big Bang’s 1-hour special “Big Bang Show” will be shown through SBS. From their old hits such as “Lie”, “Sunset Glow“, to their latest songs from their mini-album “Tonight” as well as the music video, SBS will showcase them all.

Another reason attention has been gathered for the “Big Bang Show”, is the release of the parody Big Bang members did of SBS drama “Secret Garden”. Big Bang’s challenge at acting will be unveiled this same day via the parody they titled “Secret Big Bang”.

Big Bang fans are eager to see the acting skills of TOP and G-Dragon. While TOP’s acting ability has already been certified through TV drama “Iris” and movie “Into the Fire”, G-Dragon has only had activities as a singer so his acting is still in question.

The first disclosure of the ‘Tonight’ MV will include Daesung’s first bed scene and has garnered a lot of speculation. This weekend Big Bang has been holding their annual “Big Show” concert for 3 days, at the concert TOP revealed to the fans, “In the new “Tonight” music video, for the first time Daesung was given the lead role for a bed scene.”

After a 2 year and 6 months absence Big Bang released their mini-album on the 24th and had their comeback via their 3-day BIG SHOW concert. Their first official comeback on TV will be through SBS who has organized a 1-hour special for Big Bang in secrecy. Big Bang’s mini-album successfully did an ‘all-kill’ on music charts with all 6 songs charting.

Source: Osen + Translation by alee @ ibigbang
Sent in by Sammy

[NEWS] Seungri, “I was tricked once by a night club’s manager”

Big Bang’s Seungri will be a guest on the February 28th episode of SBS’s “Night After Night, Idol’s Legend.” During this episode, the idol revealed a time when he was tricked by a night club manager.
Seungri confessed, “Before my solo promotions for “Strong Baby“, I secretly went to a night club without my agency knowing, and the club manager tricked me. I wanted to go to the night club to increase my masculinity, and I only went because I believed the manager when he said that he would keep my visit out of the public’s eye. However, in order to increase sales, he purposefully publicized my visit ahead of time.”
He added, “And of all places, an acquaintance of my boss’, Yang Hyun Suk, happened to be there, so I ended up getting caught.”
To this story, Seungri added a moral, “Hoobaes (juniors), don’t believe the night club managers!”, causing much laughter in the studio.
(source: akp)

[NEWS] Singer Brian Joo will attend Big Bang’s last BIG SHOW today!

Famous Korean singer Brian Joo will be going to Big Bang’s last concert this evening! There’s fans that have said BEAST, DBSK, Teen Top, Gain and Eugene from SES went also to the two previous ones.
Brian Joo: going to the BIG BANG Concert later tonight… Excited for my hip hopping brothas~ 있다가 빅뱅 콘서트 보러갑니다… 항상 기대되는 후배들이죠 ㅋㅋ 화이팅^^
Brian Joo: going to the BIG BANG Concert later tonight … Excited for my hip hopping brothas ~ I’m going to Big Bang’s concert … they’re juniors I always have expectations of ㅋㅋ hwaiting! ^ ^
(source: brianjoo@twitter Translated: alee@ibigbang)

[News] YG-Life Update: The Big Bang Show on SBS Set List (110227)


1. TONIGHT....., etc. see list above


Show: SBS Big Bang Show
Date: 27th (into the 28th)
Time: Midnight

Source: YG-Life

[News] KPOP Artists who came to Big Bang's Concert Day 2

Celebrities who were spotted at BIGBANG's Big Show concert: Brown Eyed Girls' Gain, FT Island Jong Hoon, SES Eugene, Beast, Teen Top and DBSK (not sure though which members).

Credits: via flibbertigibbet @ 6theory

[Video] Big Bang greets Filipino VIPs

Translation: To all the VIPs in Philippines that are supporting us, really thank you and please anticipate our new album that will be released soon. Thank you. Up till now, it was BIGBANG! :)

Source: Universal Records Philippines
Translation by Rebecca @ bigbangupdates

[VIDEOS] Big Bang BIG SHOW Fancams Day 2!

G-Dragon “My Heaven” Fancam:

G-Dragon “Cafe” Fancam:

Seungri “Cafe” Fancam:

TOP “My Heaven” Fancam:

Daesung fan interaction Fancam:

(source: bigbanghavenyt02@yt)

[me2Day] YG Trainer Hwangssabu update on “Cafe”!


Hwangssabu: Introducing this song for a rainy day!^^

Source: @AA_CHAN + @Hwangssabu me2day

[PHOTO] Seungri me2DAY Update: Panda Ring!

팬다 : 안녕하세요 저는 승리씨 검지손가락에서사는 팬다 입니다 ^^
승리씨가 BIGSHoW 마지막공연은 날씨가춥고 눈,비가 내릴수있어 따뜻하게입고 오래요 전이만

Panda: Hi I’m Seungri’s panda who lives in his index finger ^^
Mr. Seungri said that the last BIGSHOW will have cold and snowy weather and there’s a chance of rain so he wants you to dress warmly.

Tags: Panda, Look out for SBS BIGBANG show on Sunday at 12:00am

Translated: alee @ ibigbang

[Video] Big Bang TV Teaser

[VIDEOS] Big Bang BIG SHOW Concert Fancams Day 2!

Sunset Glow Fancams:

Saturday, February 26, 2011

(MISC/FANACCOUNT) Fanaccount from BIG SHOW 2011

Let’s begin with meeting Hwang Ssabu-nim (YG trainer) on the subway 4 hours before the show…
I met up with a few lovely Filipino VIPs in Gangnam, and then we made our way towards Jamsil on line 2. Lo and behold, one or two stops later, one of my friends noticed that Ssabu-nim came into our subway car and was standing right behind me. He was in his usual gear with a backwards YG Family concert hat and sweet Dr. Dre Beats headphones. I was surprised at how smaller he was in person. But he was still as fit as ever of course.
I caught his attention and told him how much I love him (I basically love every single person working in YG, even the stylists, managers, and Everyone in between, though I forgot to tell him how cute his son is since he posts his pictures often on Twitter.

[PHOTOS] Big Bang BIG SHOW Photos + Fancams Day 2!

[Video/Audio] Daesung "Baby Don't Cry" Fancam @ Big Show 2011

Longer audio:

Sources: HFOFHannie + dlitelover

[Photos] More BigBang Goodies

Big Bang official new light stick.

[Photos] Big Show 2011 Day 2 (110226) 1

More will be added once available


[Photo] Hwang Ssabu tweets about Big Show 2011 (110226)

A u ready!^^

Source: Hwang Ssabu's Twitter

[Photos] More Big Show 2011 Day 1 (110225) Daesung

More of Daesung's solo shots:


[News] Big Bang to reveal their songs through ‘Big Bang TV Live’

Having a comeback after two years and three months away, group Big Bang teased their epic return through Mnet’s ‘Big Bang TV Live‘. 

On February 26th, Mnet announced, “On March 3rd at 7:30 PM, Big Bang’s comeback special ‘Big Bang TV Live’ will be broadcast.”

The title song of Big Bang’s 4th mini album, ‘TONIGHT‘, as well as five other songs included in the album, will be broadcast on TV for the first time.

The members impressions about their comeback, as well as the album making process and behind-the-scenes footage will be shown, finally satisfying the thirst fans have felt while waiting for Big Bang’s return.

‘Big Bang TV Live’ has been created by the producers of ‘Big Bang TV‘ and ‘2NE1 TV‘.

Source: Newsen via Nate
Translation: Allkpop

[Photos] Big Show 2011 Day 1 (110225) Taeyang

[Photos] More Big Show 2011 Day 1 (110225)

[VIDEO] Big Bang 5min Secret Garden Parody NGs Fancam!

(source: bigbanghavenyt02@yt)

[PHOTOS] Big Bang Secret Garden Parody 12 new stills!

(source: as tagged)