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[Photos] T.O.P @ Inkigayo Recording (120429)

[Photos/Video] Big Bang for Jeju Air + Wallpapers + Plane CF

Big Bang for Jeju Air

[Photos] Seungri @ Inkigayo Recording (120429)

Seungri Inkigayo

[Photos] Daesung @ Inkigayo Recording (120429)

[Photos] Scans from Mini and Pop Teen (201204)

[News] W Magazine May 2012: Taeyang's Color is Red

From an article about singers and what colors best represent them:

Taeyang’s solo album released in 2010 has proven we can call him "Korea’s representative R&B vocalist". First of all, his voice is sweet and he is good with dynamics. But the most important thing is that he has established a unique tone of his own. Is there a better color than the color of the sun for Taeyang?
- Kim Bonghyeon, Pop Music Critic

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[Video/News] Fantastic Baby Global Event Cover Contest Winners

[Twitter] Hwangssabu: "Cool!~"

[News] A Comparison of YG's Accommodations: "Shabby Big Bang VS Wealthy 2NE1"

Big Bang 2NE1 Dorm

A comparison of YG Entertainment’s idol groups' accommodation has been a hot topic.

[Photos/News] Jeju Airlines Big Bang plane has taken off

Jeju Airlines’ Big Bang Aircraft, a plane with K-Pop stars Big Bang’s photo on it, has taken off on the 30th. 
For Big Bang’s contract with Jeju Airlines, they put a photo of Big Bang on the outer surface of the plane and it took off from Gimpo to Jeju. Big Bang will be using Jeju Airlines for their Japanese tour, starting in May. 
Information from Mini Today

Sunday, April 29, 2012

[Video] Big Bang's "Blue" on Billboard Chart Muz TV Russia

Source: KpucTuHka89@youtube

[Twitter] Taeyang's : "Thank You and Hug" (120429)

[Videos] Big Bang performing Farewell Stage of Fantastic Baby and Bad Boy on Inkigayo (120429)

[News] K-POP: 5 Bands Looking to Smash UK/US Charts


Let’s go from the most popular girlband to perhaps the most popular boyband – BIGBANG (they love capitalisation in K-Pop). If they’re not the most popular they certainly have the most hardcore fanbase, known as the VIPS, who helped vote them into the position of Best Worldwide Act at last year’s MTV Europe Video Music Awards fending off competition from that little-known performer Britney Spears (and we know how crazy her fans can be – yes i’m looking at you Chris Crocker).

Saturday, April 28, 2012

[Photos] Big Bang's Letter and Photo Gifts for VIPs at Farewell Stage (20120429)

[Photos] Big Bang on Pop Teen & Mini Japan (June Issues)

From Pop Teen Magazine:

[Video] Big Bang Fancam @ Springroove 2012 in Osaka (120331)

Big Bang's performances start at 10:00:

Source: ultramanandrew@youtube

[Photo] Seungri's van spotted with "Thank You VIP" sign (120428)

Seungri was spotted at Cube Cafe (Cube Ent's cafe) and his van was seen with a "Thank You VIP :)" sign. No photo of him though, only the van:

Source: @hello3o_vip & @hood_bang

[Video] Fantastic Baby #1 on Mnet Japan's MAMA Asian Chart

Source: Naver via jinhichole dale@youtube

[News] Big Bang’s T.O.P can’t take his eyes off of miss A’s Suzy?

T.O.P can’t seem to take his eyes off of miss A‘s Suzy.

On April 26th, during the ‘Paeksang Arts Awards‘ awards ceremony, T.O.P was in charge of awarding Suzy with the “Best Female Rookie Actress” award for her role in the movie ‘Introduction to Architecture.’

[News] Big Bang’s staying power, “Fantastic Baby” in Top 10 on music charts for 10 consecutive weeks

Big Bang once again proves that they are the kings of K-Pop.

Their fifth mini-album ‘ALIVE‘ has been acknowledged for it’s strong staying power, as “Fantastic Baby” still remains on the charts 10 weeks after it’s release. ”Fantastic Baby” is #8 on Melon, #9 on, and #10 on Olleh Music.

Representatives from the music industry remarked, “In the music market, new albums get shuffled around and the life span of songs on music charts are extremely short. There are many songs that seize the #1 spot in real time, but there are very few that remain within the Top 10 for more than 2 weeks.”

“Big Bang’s long 2-month run is truly a rare sight,” they continued.

Big Bang’s hits “Blue“, “Fantastic Baby”, “Bad Boy“, “Ain’t No Fun“, and “Love Dust” all ranked within the Top 10 on the various Korean music sites.

The boys will wrap up their promotions for ‘ALIVE’ with a final performance on April 29th’s ‘Inkigayo‘, and will begin shifting their focus to their Japanese Tour starting in early May.

Source: Nate,

Friday, April 27, 2012

[Twitter] Big Bang Watched "The Avengers" with Their Manager

Translation: With the BIGBANG members, I watched The Avengers. This movie is so so fun^^ Everyone must watch it^^ And thank you to Kim Taeyoung who works for Walt Disney for helping us watch the movie comfortably!

Translated by @hood_bang

[Photo] Unseen photo of G-Dragon @ backstage with staff

Source: via @the2ne1hour

[Twitter] Taeyang's New Twitter Profile Picture (120427)

[Subbed] Big Bang's Interview on HanBam (120425)

Alternative Link: Dailymotion

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[News] Big Bang-2NE1 music videos break 500 million views

As hallyu idols are overwhelmingly entering the foreign markets YG artists are showing off their overwhelming power worldwide through the music video market.

[Video] 'Go Show' Unaired Clip: G-Dragon Arm Wrestling

Source: via gilbakk0221@youtube

[Subbed] Big Bang's Message for Fanta Idol

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Video from fantaidol @ youtube

[Photos] Big Bang on An An Magazine

[Photos] Big Bang's Polaroid Photos on VIVI Magazine June Issue

Translation: "The HULK! my power is just as strong as the hulk."

Thursday, April 26, 2012

[News] Big Bang’s Japanese tour set to play in front of 150,000 and gross over $27 million

Big Bang, who made waves earlier this year with their Korean mini-album, is set to embark on a large-scale Japanese tour that is expected to pull in approximately 150,000 people and gross over 31.5 billion won (~$27 million USD).

[Photos/Video] T.O.P at the "48th Paeksang Arts Awards" (120426)

[News] Pixie Lott Talks about GD and T.O.P for "AsiaOne Showbiz" Interview

Pixie Lott, K-pop ambassador.

A pop star in her own right in her native UK, with three No. 1 singles under her belt, she’s all set to fly the flag for Korean boy and girl bands.

[News] G-Dragon’s hair gives him a new character

G-Dragon didn’t get long hair for nothing; he’s really playing the part.

The user of an online community recently uploaded a series of photos titled, ‘G-Dragon Eating Ramen While Holding Back His Hair’. The photos were from the April 23 broadcast of Japan’s popular late-night program Shabekuri 007 on Nihon TV. On the show, Big Bang appeared with an interpreter, but managed to get around in Japanese without the interpreter’s help.

[News/Magazine] April 2012 SPIN Magazine mentions Big Bang

Over the past ten years, Korea has perfected a fruitful system for producing top-flight pop stars. Now, as K-pop focuses its careful aim on the American market, that same formula appears to be just as ripe for export.

[Video] Big Bang on SBS' HanBam "Visit Korea" News Coverage + Interview (120425)

Source: 비율. @ DCGD via gilbakk0221@youtube

[Video] T.O.P. was chosen as #1 Sexy Charisma Idol by Female University Students (120424)

Source: kimpdpd@youtube

[Photos] Gmarket Website Photo Updates (120425)

Source: G-Market via gilbakk75@ameblo

[Photo] Big Bang on Malaysia's "Borneo" Newspaper (120425)

Source: @saly689 via @pinkymomo

[News] French Website "Glamour" Rates Big Bang as part of the "10 Reasons You Should Discover Kpop"


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[Photo] Big Bang Polaroid Photo from Japanese Photoshoot


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

[Subbed] UPDATE : Big Bang on Go Show (120420)

Streaming & Download links, HERE.
Dailymotion & Vimeo links : HERE

[News] Big Bang to conclude ‘ALIVE’ promotions with a final performance on ‘Inkigayo’

Idol group Big Bang is preparing to wrap up promotions for their mini-album, ‘ALIVE‘.

YG Entertainment remarked, “Big Bang will be wrapping up promotions for their mini-album ‘ALIVE’ with a final performance on April 29th’s SBSInkigayo‘ and will be focusing on their Japan Tour.”

[Photos] Daesung at Gimpo Airport from Japan (120425)

[Photos/Videos] Seungri at Gimpo Airport from Japan (120425)

[Videos/Photos] Taeyang at Gimpo Airport from Japan (120425)

[Photos] G-Dragon at Gimpo Airport from Japan (120425)

[Photos/Download] Lotte Duty Free May 2012 Calendar

[Photos] More YG Family Concert 2011 Photo Book Scans

YG Family Concert Photo Book: BIGBANG

[Photos] YG Family Concert 2011 Photo Book Scans

YG Family Concert Photo Book: BIGBANG

[Photos] G-Dragon: Gimpo Airport to Japan (120423)

Gdragon at Gimpo Airport

[Photos] Taeyang: Inkigayo (120422)

[Photos] Taeyang: Gimpo Airport to Japan (120423)

Taeyang at Gimpo Airport

[Photos] T.O.P: Inkigayo (120422)

T.O.P at Inkigayo

[Photos] T.O.P: Gimpo Airport to Japan (120423)

[Photos] Gmarket Website Photo Updates

[Video] Arirang TV: Kpop Stars' Stunning Fashion Styles

Source: arirangtoday

[VIdeo/Photo] UPDATED Fuji TV's "Catherine" Preview